Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday Teasers

Okay it's Tuesday again, so how about I post a little bit of what I've been working on?

Deadly (Sequel to Psychotic)

Unedited Excerpt

Slipping his hands into his pockets, he brushed his fingers against his key and had a brilliant idea. Pulling them out, he slid his apartment key into Felicia’s hand. “If I’m not back before you the hospital, I want you to go to my apartment.” Seeing the arguments cross her beautiful face, he laughed. “Humor me, I’ll feel safer knowing you’re there.”
A soft nervous chuckle left her lips, as her fingers stroked the keys reverently. “Next you’ll be telling me you want me to move in with you before the wedding.’
Grinning at the most brilliant idea he’d ever heard, he pulled her into his arms. “Now that is a genius idea.”
A hot blush covered her cheeks. “You’re insane!”
“So Doc keeps telling me, and she’s one of the smartest people I know. That just confirms that you’re a genius. Now kiss me and promise you’ll go to my apartment.”
Felicia laughed and kissed him into silence. “Okay you win, I’ll just run by my…”
“No, you will go straight to my apartment. You are not to stop by your place or the stakeout house at all.” The pouty lips came out in full force, she wasn’t happy with his order, but damn she was sexy when she pouted like that.
“Hank I need clothes…”
Kissing her lips, he held her close and grinned wolfishly as he whispered into her ear. “Even better, I like you naked and the thought of you in my bed naked…well let’s just say, you my dear woman will be getting very lucky tonight.” The kiss she lured him into wiped all coherent thought from him mind and stopped quite a few onlookers.

Aline de Chevigny

Is Happily Ever After your thing? Travel the path of love with Aline de Chevigny!

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