Sunday, December 16, 2007

How about a Christmas Love Story?

Merry Christmas to Me By Aline de Chevigny

Available Now from Forbidden Publications


Jennifer was having the worst Christmas ever. She'd just quit her job, her ex had happily married some blonde Barbie doll and the man of her dreams didn't even know she was alive.
Franko was through with women, or so he thought until the hottest little spitfire he'd ever met walked into him and set him straight. He now had five days until she left the mine for good to convince her that he was the Christmas gift of her dreams.

Excerpts # 2

Grinning, she pressed her herself closer and cupped a hand around his other cheek, then stood on her toes to kiss him again. “Why wait?” She’d wanted to do this for so long now, there was no way in hell she was letting food distract her.
“Or not,” he announced with a laugh, tightening his hold around her and giving into her demand.
Jennifer knew what she wanted, him naked in her bed, and if Franko was willing, she was determined to get it. The second she felt his hands on her ass, she used that leverage to climb up his body and wrapped her legs around his waist to support herself. A soft moan of pleasure escaped her, as his lips left a path of fiery kisses down her neck and back to her lips.
No one had ever made her feel this wanton with just one kiss before. She wanted him, and all that clothing he was wearing was getting in the way of her desire. “We should lock the door.” She whispered into his ear, while his lips traveled down her neck towards the swell of her breasts.
Sliding his hands more firmly under her ass, he recaptured her lips in a heated kiss and stepped over to lock the door.
“Franko, aren’t I getting heavy?”
“Honey, my tool belt weighs more than you do.”
Jennifer laughed at his serious tone and ran her fingers through the sides of his salt and pepper hair. He was only three years her senior at thirty seven, but the white was already outnumbering the black in his short, thick, curls. “Are you comparing me to your tool belt?”

Merry Christmas everyone.


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