Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday, and that much closer to home LOL

So it's finally sunday and that means one more weekend and I have 2 weeks off wooohoooo. I soo need to get my butt in gear and write with no distractions LOL

So you just watch, everyone whose been avoiding me lately will come out of the woodwork my first week home LOL I already know one of my best friends is coming home to visit her mother, so that means a week of procrastination if I'm not careful.

How does one avoid friends they actually miss? Hmmmmm telling myself I'll only go out for an hour will never work LOL I could go and observe hehehe that could be considered writing releated couldn't it?

**sigh** guess I'll just have to make the utimate sacrifice and go dancing LOL. The things I do for my friends *grin**

Happy Sunday, don't work too hard.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

13 things I need to do when I get home: Edition 12

Thirteen Things about Aline de Chevigny

1…. Make sure I pack more soap and towels LOL (It's not fun to realise you've run out and still have 2 weeks left on your rotation. Thank goodness for the confectionary LOL)

2- Update my website....again. (Seems I have a release on Aug 9th with Red Rose Publishing.)

3- Print up more promotional materials.... (This stuff almost evaporates while I'm gone LOL)

4- Avoid all peoples for at least 3 days LOL (If I don't I'll never get any work done.)

5- Get some sleep. (I haven't slept in my own bed in almost a month, man I'm tired.)

6- Finish sorting through my books. (Introducing others to the wonderful world of the printed and not so printed word is important)

7- Finish writing my latest Novella. (Yeah yeah it's inching forward LOL)

8- Finish Editing my last finished novel. (LOL I need to get more submissions out there don't I)

9- Start edits on Chronicles of the cursed: Blood Red ( The new publisher wants me to lengthen the book so......)

10- Clean the house. (The nephew turned it into a hurricane zone and then I went out of town...wahhh not fair.)

11- Did I mention sleep yet?

12- Visit with my friends and play with the new baby heheh (It's not everyday you get to hold a new born in your arms.)

13- Go swiming...(No nothing short of a natural disaster will stop me this time)

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm horrible

Ok I haven't posted in forever but in my defence I had a ten year old ball of energy staying with me for a week and he sapped all my free time LOL
He refused to let me turn on the computer never mind actually do any work.
LOL his Matante Aline had to spend all her time with him, so I barely wrote or slept during that time either.

Then when he went home the four year old wanted me to play, then there's the mother, the cousins, the 13 and 15 year olds with brthdays .. groan I get tired just thinking about it. And this was supposed to be my down time LOL

So I promise to post more often, and I'll even entice you with snippets of my new story.


Sunday, July 8, 2007

70 Days of Sweat

Ok I let myself get talked into doing the 70 days of sweat challenge. I know , I know I'm insane,but here goes. The link to 70 Days of Sweat is here:

The wips I'm gonna work on are:

Chronicles of the Cursed: Touch of the Wolf
(35-40K)in length
Hero: Xavier
Heroine: Nette

Blurb: New to this world of darkness, Xavier is paired with a human experienced in the ways of Wolf house to attend him. When they’d introduced him to the woman, he’d thought Lady Bella insane. Annette Valdetti was difficult, head strong and completely immune to his charms. Will he wait too long to realize how truly special she is?

Annette didn’t want to be the newest wolf’s Attendant; she had enough on her plate helping Lady Bella with her Keeper duties. Unfortunately she never could say no to the Lady of the house. The cub was arrogant, conceited and she’d fallen completely in love with him. Can she teach the cub how to survive in this new world he’s found himself in and protect her heart before it’s too late?

(25-35K)in length
Hero: The Archangel Gabriel
Heroine: Garnet

Gabriel is called to earth as a part of Garnet's final test to pass her journeymen's status. And can't seem to resit her charm the 2nd time around.

Bare Bones
(20K) in length
Hero: Christian
Heroine: Joanna

Christian had known Joanna for years and always had a secret crush on her. But she'd always been another's girl. Then one day he goes missing and everyone presume's he'd dead. But he didn't sie, he just changed...and the desire to have his mate by his side is too strong to fight.

Happy Sweating

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wordless Wednesday # 9

Since I'm not home LOL Here's another fave came out July 1st, 2007.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Wishing for a Wet and Wild Summer?

Then I suggest you check out the Wet and Wild series on July 1st. Looking for something different? Something new? How do you feel about Beavers? Yes you heard me Beavers. Your intrigued now aren't you? So why not just give in to that curiosity?

Keep an eye out for these fantastic books by 3 very talented authoresses. hehe

AVAILABLE TODAY at Forbidden Publicaitons:

Wet and Wild: Lifemates by Aline de Chevigny

Blurb: Benton Chaser was the black beaver of his clan. Seeing the pain and suffering his father experienced when his mother was killed. He refused to accept the laws of the clan and find his one true mate. Preferring exiles to the pain he knew was in store if he gave in and the revenge he got seducing the wives of the men who ripped his family apart.

Until he met a feisty Widow name River Maples, who gave the wild animal on her property sanctuary and greeted all men with the barrel of her shot gun. He'd tried everything he could think of to approach her and could only succeed in his were-beaver form. Yet he can't deny the pull he feels towards her, could she be the one thing he'd been running away from for the past hundred years?

Wet and Wild: Courting Damnation by Piper Evyns

Blurb: It's been almost sixty years since Harry met the fairy woman who cursed him. Trapped within the boundaries of Algonquin Park, and forced into the body of a beaver every night, Harry has struggled just to survive.

Guiding a wildlife photographer should have been a simple job, one that would help him survive the winter. But the client, Willow, turns out to be young and sexy with the kind of adventurous spirit Harry used to look for in a woman. The consequences are catastrophic. The fairy's curse dooms Willow to spend each day as a moose, ensuring the lovers will never again touch as humans.

Wet and Wild: Three of Hearts by Elena Croft

Blurb: Sent to Canada to find her mate, Leslie Maple soon realizes life wasn't so hot in Phoenix. With only a photo, she heads to Vancouver where she meets the two most gorgeous men she'd ever seen, identical twins Sebastian and Castor Belvedere. More intriguing are the feelings they invoke in her, the call she just can't seem to resist.

Sebastian and Castor have had enough of the matchmaking games of their Aunt Sharon. An old pro at matchmaking Sharon plays her wild card, asking them to do her a favor by accompanying her to the airport to pick up her latest mate choice. Unfortunately, for them this time Aunt Sharon may be right. But whom does this mate belong too?