Thursday, September 6, 2007

Blogs and Controversies

I often wondered how important blogging can be. With a full time job (it's a cool job. I mean hey, it's a Diamond mine. But it is time consuming), a family that is always in crisis mode while I'm home (man I love those guys LOL) and trying to finish the next best seller... (It will happen, you just watch) it's hard to remember to come here and post.

Now add to that, other authors just waiting for you to make a spelling, grammatical or non perfect English error, post something even remotely controversial and you can imagine why a person is reluctant to just blog.

English as most of you know, is not my 1st language, but over the years I think I've gotten pretty good at it. My grammar still sucks a sour lemon, but my editors are quite aware of that fact, and they appreciate that I try and am getting better. (At least I hope they do LOL)

With all of the e-publishing house closures, quite a few of the affected authors are hurting. Imagine being forced to watch your dreams be ripped away and have other “people” use this opportunity to hash up old grudges. I, for one, find it appalling. That they post these hurtful words anonymously makes them worse than cowards in my books.

I think the issues coming out now are very important for authors. Yes, some publishers shouldn't be in business, and yes I signed with one of those. But when I signed with Silk's Vault, they had been highly recommended to me by a source I trusted and Piers had nothing bad to say about them. I took a chance, that doesn't make me irresponsible or stupid. I did my research, and I had my contract amended on certain points not that it’s helped in the long run. I’ve yet to see my last royalty check and from past experience, the statement that I did receive is more than likely incorrect. The past 3 have been wrong and needed to be corrected.

I was told that if I complained and sued for the monies owed to me, I would be countersued. She informed me that she would not send me a check as per our contract, because I am too much trouble to send things to by mail. Of course when you misspell your author’s name on their royalty check, and they have to ask you to re-issue it that could be an issue. But it certainly isn’t mine.

My contract states that I get paid by check. I do not have a paypal account and I will not get a paypal account. The amount owed to me is not large enough to warrant one and I would lose most of the money in fees…IF I could even get a paypal account to work for me, which in the past has proven impossible. I was told the payment was mailed to me almost 3 weeks ago and still have received nothing in the mail. I KNOW it takes a maximum of 8-10 days for mail to reach Canada from the US. So now, I have no choice.

Sarah, I accept your challenge, I’ve been patient and have waited more than long enough for my royalties.

I will be sending a copy of my silk’s issues to Piers Anthony and strongly encourage all new authors NOT to sub to them. They are not professional, don’t keep their word and breach their contracts without a 2nd thought. I have proof of everything I’ve said here.

Well I’ve had my say, and this opinion is mine, and mine alone. Have a great weekend.

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