Saturday, September 29, 2007

As Promised....

As promised here are the 2 blurbs for the 2 books I sold last week and an excerpt each for fun.

Del Fantasma: Black Dragon coming soon to Aspen Mountain Press

What is an assassin to do when she finds herself protecting her mark instead of killing him? She sends him to Del Fantasma, where she hopes her old friend Cody will take care of him until she can resolve the mess she’d gotten herself into.

Will her Vampiric abilities be enough to keep Remi Dragonsblood alive? Or will the dragon shifter’s seductive charm get them both killed?

Unedited Excerpt

“So he wants you dead, too!”

The man had a knack for stating the obvious that never ceased to amaze her. Rolling her eyes, she took a deep guzzle of her beer. “Yes, me too. So since this might be my last visit to Del Fantasma and as my innocent decided not to appear how about you mix me an Evil Barman for old times?”

Cody laughed and walked behind the bar. “I think a Black Dragon is more your type of drink, Nerezza,” he told her with a nod of his head.

Turning, she saw red when Remi Dragonsblood stepped out of the employee’s only section. Cody had lied to her. “How long has he been here?”

“Since about three am. Imagine my surprise when he tells me you sent him here.”

Fuming, she turned her back on the dragon and faced Cody, allowing all of her anger to show. “You were going to tell me when?”

“Not until you proved to me he wasn’t in any danger from you. It seems, Athalda, that the dragon knows you better than I do! He had no doubt that you meant him no harm.”

Athal…he knows my true name! Panic gripped her, for someone to know her true name, put her in their… “How long have you known?”

“Does that really matter? You’re safe at Del Fantasma, Nerezza. Except that you have a dragon behind you glaring at me with murder in his eyes that you need to deal with.”

“This isn’t over!”

He leaned over the bar and tucked a flyaway strand of hair behind her ear. “It never is with you, but I will miss your persistence. Now go before my bar catches on fire.”

Turning towards the dragon, she was shocked to find steam coming from his nose. Looking into his eyes, she saw them blazing a bright red never moving off of Cody behind the bar.

“Oh, and Nerezza, a word of advice, Dragon’s mate for life and that dragon has chosen you.”

Bare Bones coming soon to Red Rose Publications


On the run from the Lycan who turned him during the full moon on All Hallows Eve, Christian Clarke isn't happy when he finds Joanna wandering through the woods searching for him. His inner wolf refuses to leave her side, yet his inner man wishes to keep her at arm’s length for fear that he won't be able to control his inner demons.

Hearing her whispered profession of love, he reveals himself. Can he keep her safe from the pack that hunts him? Will Joanna love the beast he's become?

Unedited Excerpt

Throwing Joanna over his shoulder, he moved quickly and stealthily through the trees. It wasn’t hard avoiding Cain and his men. Despite his many years as a werewolf, the man still couldn’t walk through the forest when in human form without sounding like elephant in heat. Just because Cain had never added a woman to the pack, didn’t mean he never would and once he set eyes on Joanna it would be a fight to the death to keep her out of his hands. It still might…

Entering his cabin, he quickly bolted the door before taking Joanna into the back room and laying her on the bed. Standing back, he looked her over, running his eyes over every inch of her body like a man dying of thirst. She was still beautiful; nothing would ever change that. But she looked tired and worn. That wasn’t normal for her. Her long, raven colored tresses were tied loosely in a ponytail, strands escaping from the ribbon messily. She looked wild, free, and never more beautiful. Her skin was pale and she looked thinner than the last time he saw her. He hated seeing her this way; he liked her curves.

Joanna stirred as a shiver passed through her. Reacting instinctively, Christian fetched a blanket from the closet and gently covered her with it. “What do I do with you now, my dear Joanna? I can’t let you leave, not while Cain is out there hunting me. He’d take one look at your beauty and snatch you away for himself. Then I’d have to kill him for touching you.”

A barely legible murmur escaped her lips, pulling a smile from his lips. There were some advantages to be a Lycan. He heard every deliciously whispered word. No, he couldn’t let her leave; only now his reasons weren’t so unselfish. He wanted to keep her for himself, lose himself in her arms, and lips. Christian finally understood what his subconscious had been trying to tell him for the past year, that he needed her. She was his sanity, the thing that kept him holding on.

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