Monday, September 3, 2007

Ask Ash

One of my LAW (League of Amazing Writers) sister, has started a new segment on her blog called Ask Ash. Here is the e-mail she posted. I thought it quite entertaining and wished to let you join in the fun.

Hi Everyone!

My new "advice" column Ask Ash is live at the Night Whispers Authors blog! Every Saturday I answer "dilemmas" with creative yet practical ideas your momma would never give you. If you've read my books, you know I'm a little twisted. Sweet, but twisted.

I give advice based on what the asker really wants and not necessarily on the politically correct thing to do. For instance: Want to get the neighborhood kids out of your yard while having them think you're the coolest people ever? Give out six-packs for Halloween! Their parents won't let them near you again!

I'd love to hear your questions! You can even begin with... "I have this friend who..." And just to keep it perfectly anonymous to the public, I opened a new email addy to be used for only this purpose. Ask anything you want. Sign your name any way you like. Just Ask Ash! Every Saturday I'll publish the best from the mailbag that week!

Send letters to:

(Disclaimer: This column is merely for the purpose of entertainment and should never be misconstrued as real advice for real problems or in any way taken seriously.)


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