Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Teasers

Here's a little from my lattest Del Fantasma

Bounty Hunter

Chapter 1

Looking around in desperation, Nita made a spur of the moment decision to cut down the last side street before reaching the beach. It was a last desperate effort to ditch her tail. This guy was good.
Despite the warm balmy night, she couldn’t seem to shake the shivers that wracked her body. The feeling that before the night was over, her life would be forever changed. Nita had no doubt that she knew who was following her, or at the very least who’d hired the man and he was damned if he thought she’d panic and give him the perfect opportunity to catch her.
Devlin had finally realized she was gone and decided he didn’t like being dumped. Hiring a PI was right up his alley, well he was in for a big surprise, because she wasn’t going back. Not in this lifetime.
She’d left Devlin’s mansion with exactly what she’d brought with her when she’s met him. Now with her one change of clothing and fierce determination to find her family she was desperate to get away. She wanted to find others like her, people who could explain some of the feelings that have been overwhelming her of late.
She’d heard rumors of a place, a bar down in California, somewhere near Point Loma where she might get her answers. Unfortunately, she’d yet to find the bar.

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