Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day Everyone

Why not curl up with a good book and a nice cold green beer. (Heck it's after noon somewhere LOL)

Luck of the Irish
Author: Aline de Chevigny
Artist: Nikita Gordyn ISBN: 978-1-60168-034-1
Genre: Paranomal erotic contemporary romance
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Publication Date: May 2007
Sexual Content: Erotic

Price: $2.49

When Dina’s boss assigns her to review a local family restaurant called Luck of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day of all days, she isn’t happy. Upon entering the establishment and seeing all the staff dressed as Leprechauns, she expects passable food and annoyingly cheerful service. What she got left her breathless.

Connor had always known what his destiny held in store for him. When the gods finally bestowed their gift upon him, he never expected his destiny to take place in a pair of sea blue eyes. Now, he finally understood why a four leaf clover is considered good luck.

To Buy Luck of the Irish
Excerpt 3

Amused, he was more than willing to play along and he had his cell phone if anyone needed him for an emergency. “Agreed, I’m curious to see what your bedroom looks like my love.” The evil glint that crossed through her eyes excited him. She was up to something that he knew he’d enjoy.

“Want to see it while we wait for Aunt Caitlin to finish getting ready?”

Looking around the room, he realized that her aunt still hadn’t made an appearance. “What about your aunt? What if she comes out and we’re not here?”

Taking his hand, she pulled him towards the back of the house. “I’m showing Connor where the master bathroom is Aunt Caitlin, we’ll be right back.”

When she opened the door to a very feminine room, he felt surprisingly at ease immediately upon entering it. Dina closed the door behind him, and turned the lock to insure their privacy, then kissed him. Her tongue delved deep into his mouth, exploring and teasing him until he thought his hard on would burst free of his pant. Just when he thought he couldn’t take anymore, she broke off the kiss and sauntered away from him heading straight for the large four poster bed in the center of the room.

Connor had never seen such a delectable sight and couldn’t wait to tie her arms to the bedpost so she couldn’t escape. Then she did the most unexpected thing. She turned her back to him, lifted her dress, slipped her thumbs into the strings on the side of her g-string and pulled them down. His erection throbbed against the zipper of his dress pants at the sight of his beloved, bent at the waist, with her perfect heart shaped ass up in the air.

It was an invitation he couldn’t pass up.


Coffee Time Romance (4 cups)

This is a nice little paranormal romance. Dina and Connor have been searching for each other forever and only live a few blocks away from each other. Their instant connection and subsequent journey to the Mist is very sensual and the love scenes are very well done. All seems to be almost too perfect at first, but the author throws a little bit of discord into the story with the bitter Cousin Pietro. Pietro is jealous of Connor and wants anything he has. Another subplot involves Pietro’s father, Devlin. He believes his true love rejected him and he has become bitter. I cannot give away the plot twist here, but it is a good one. The other family members are only briefly seen but well drawn, and the Goddess’ appearance really makes the story. Connor and Dina really have the “luck of the Irish”.

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Two Lips Review (4 1/2 lips)

Is there anything sexier than an Irishman who knows when he has met the only woman for him? Not if you are reading Luck of The Irish by Aline de Chevigny. I fell in love with Connor and his family while reading this magical tale. Connor is romantic and sensual, something every woman will enjoy. The love scenes in Luck of The Irish will have you squirming in your chair and longing for more. This is a sweet story that will stay with you and make you want your own Irishman.

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Dark Diva Review (3 Delightful Diva’s)

I loved the use of Irish language to get you in the mood, and really feel the roots of the mysterious gift that Connor and his family have had for years. Who knew that a simple four leaf clover could change Dina’s entire life? Lot’s of great description, I could see and sense everything that happened. A charming mystical tale of love and lust at first sight.

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Aline de Chevigny

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