Thursday, March 13, 2008

13 Things that excite me this week: Edition 32

Thirteen Things about Aline de Chevigny

1- I got to drive the truck every day this week. YAyyyyyyyyyyyy (LOL this may not sound exciting to many of you, but I normally either stay in the lab or walk everywhere LOL)

2- I totally forgot about the Holiday stat last month, so my paycheck is larger than normal. Wooohoooo

3- MY friend and fellow author Michelle Hasker is having a contest. If you enter here: Michelle Hasker You could win Dublin
(Go MIchelle go, Go Michelle go) I think Dublin will lilke living with me, unless you all enter then he might like living with you **grin**
4- We had spegetti and meat balls last night for super...and there were no onions in teh sauce Weeeeeeeeeee

5- It's Thursday **grin**

6- I go home in 6 days. (What's not to get excited about that LOL)

7- RT is less than 1 rotation away... (I am sooo looking forward to going.)

8- I have a stack of paperwork a mile high. (UHm okay that one was sarcastic LOL)

9- I have a chat on March 17th, 2008 from 6pm to 9pm at Love Romance Cafe's Yahoo Group. I hope to see you all there. (PSsstttt there may be prizes...that's code for there will be a giveaway)

10- My friend and fellow author Michelle Hasker will be joining me at the chat.

11- It's be beautiful (if a little chilly) and sunny up here in the frozen north. while the rest of North America got pummeled with snow.

12- My friends all miss me. (Heheh they said so **grin**)

13- I only have 10.5 hours left before I can call it a day.


Michelle Hasker said...

Dublin is so cute, I should just keep him ;)
Yes your friends miss you!
I can't wait for the chat. I am totally gonna run amok and create a TON of chaos. LOL

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

How do you find the time to hang at all these different groups and places? I can barely keep up with what I've already got -- and I don't have a full-time job that keeps me offline for hours at a time!

Or maybe I do. I'm not sure about that... Hmm....

Lesley said...

Lord have mercy! 10.5 hours? You're a stronger woman than I. I'd have collapsed by now!!! Dang it! Why'd you have to go and mention spaghetti and meatballs!!!

Adelle said...

You sure have a full plate. I'm tired just reading about it lol Happy T13!

Holly said...

Hey are you on the Yahoo World Romance Writer's group too? I sorta recognize your name...

Anyway, Happy TT-13!



nicholas said...

Great list! But I have to take issue with you re #11 -- not all of North America is being pounded by snow. No snow in Florida at all!