Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Teasers hehe

Ok so I thought long and hard about what I should blog about today and decided that I would tease you with a little bit of my NANO.

Nano for those of you who aren't aware...sometimes we writers forget the world doesn't revolve around out anograms LMAO...is teh National Novel Writing Month. It goes from November 1st to November 30tha nd you need to write 50, 000 words on one story.

Mine is called I know you Love me.

Chapter 1

“Good morning Gertrude, I’ll be in my office if anyone needs me. Can I get a cup of coffee please?” Drew knew he had a full day ahead of him and didn’t like the look Gertrude was giving him over his simple request fro coffee one bit.
“Uhmmm Sherriff, there’s…”
Opening his office door, he was stopped cold by a pretty petite young brunette sitting behind his desk. The woman sat there completely at ease, radiating an air of authority looking as if she belonged there. She was just hanging up the phone while flipping through a stack of paper, and was pushing every button he had when it came to attractive women…He disliked her immediately.
“Have a seat Sherriff, I’ll be with you in just a moment. I have a few more files to go through first.”
“GERTRUDE!” He really didn’t have time for this today.
“Oh please Sherriff, sit that cute little tush of yours down in that chair to your left and stop bellowing at the poor woman. I’ll introduce myself to you in a moment.”
The arrogance of her reply when she saw him, pushed his last button. Cute little tush? How dare she speak to me like that? Who does she think she is? He wasn’t about to let some woman talk to him like that in his own precinct, no matter how cute she was.
“Here you go Sherriff, black two sugars just the way you like it.”
Counting to ten, he turned to face his secretary. “Gertrude there’s a woman in my chair.” Gertrude flinched away from him, making him feel like a big bully.
“Ye…yes sir, she’s the auditor sent by the county. Try being nice to her…please?”
“Great, just what I needed today. You’ll have to move all my appointments to this afternoon, and…” Annoyance filled him when he realized Gertrude wasn’t listening to him anymore.
“Can I get you anything Miss McKay? Tea, coffee?
Drew wasn’t fooled, he could tell that Gertrude wanted out of the line of fire as quickly as possible.
“No thank you Gertrude, and please call me Allison.”
“Oh no, I couldn’t do that. Excuse me I need to get back to the phones.”
Taking a seat, Drew, steepled his fingers before his face and leaned back. He was trying to look intimidating and it usually worked, but this woman was too smart to fall for his ruse. “Well Allison…”
“That’s Miss McKay to you Sherriff, and now that you know who I am. I have a few questions for you.”

Have a great Tuesday.
Aline de Chevigny

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