Thursday, April 5, 2007

My top 13 Favorite Cartoons: Edition 4

Thirteen Things about Aline de Chevigny

1… X-Men (Hey who doesn't love Gambit? That accent, those eyes...)
2- Thundercats ( Hooooooooooo heheh )
3- Sailor Moon ( Okay it's a guilty pleasure, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one rushing off to the college bar to catch the next episode)
4- Inuyasha (Okay so I'm not your typical 30ish person)
5- Yugioh (I wanna battle with monsters too)
6- The Smurfs (You know you wondered how Smurfette did it too)
7- He Man and the Masters of the Universe (I never claimed to be a girly girl)
8- She-Ra (Okay maybe a little girly. It was fun to watch a girl kick ass)
9- Knights of the Zodiac (Have you seen this one? Very cool)
10- X-Men Evolution (Have I mentioned my Gambit Obsession?)
11- Pokemon (Hey I have 4 Nephews...)
12- Tom and Jerry (They couldn't very well be one of my favority couples if I didn't watch them now could they LOL)
13- Batman Beyond (What I think Batman is hot!)

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Jenny said...

SAILOR MOON!! I lurve Sailor Moon. Sux that it isn't on anymore.

Present Storm said...

I LOVE the Smurfs!!!!

amy said...

Smurfette rocked!!! Thats a great list

Tink said...

Tom & Jerry are my alltime favourites!
My TT is about oracle decks I own.

Michelle Hasker said...

Great list, Aline

My all time fave cartoon is Scooby Doo

Kuanyin said...

Smurf Power! Great list! Happy TT! Today my blog Who's Yo Mama is really old: 300 posts old!

Lara said...

oh man, great list. i LOVED x-men when i was younger, and i still love sailor moon when i manage to come across it. smurfs are a classic, and she-ra was definitely amazing. and sometimes, when i have a free afternoon and i'm bored and lazy, i still turn on some tom & jerry while i eat lunch. what's that? yes, i am 24, thanks. :-P

feel free to visit my list if you get a chance!

Elena Croft said...

Mmmmm Gambit. Might have to fight you for that one A. Great List!