Sunday, April 1, 2007

Crazy Days

Now as a writer I depend on a nice quiet place to work and the comfort of knowing that I'm safe where I live. Well that isn't so here anymore. Not only do I have a landlord that is running and jumping on my head from 6am to 2am (not non-stop mind you) He waits until I am off my guard to start again. What is he 6?

But now I have him trying to take over my shed when I still have 2 months to live here. Being evicted because I refused to give a 21 year old child post dated checks when he's refused to fix anything in my home is insulting enough. But to be harassed on a daily basis and then expected to allow him to store his things in my shed and making me responsible for them is not acceptable.

I wish my small town had a place I could go to to get some help against him cause I can't keep this up indefinitely. LOL But he has another thing comming if he thinks he's running me out before I find a decent and acceptable place to live.

I'm older LOL, smarter and tougher than that.

Aline :)

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