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Excerpt of the Prophecy

The Prophecy By Aline de Chevigny
Coming Soon from Forbidden Publications: Available Now Here:
The Prophecy


Danan McClintok is a Prince of Eloisia, an Immortal, who against all traditions wanted more from his life than to live in pampered pleasures, he wanted his one. An urge he could neither explain nor resist came over him and drew him to the seeing Stone and earth. Earth, where only the eccentric or the damned go.
There he spotted a woman who drew him like no other, she was kind and giving. He sensed a pureness in her that he wanted to embrace and protect. She was his one. He could feel it. But how could that be? She was mortal where he would live forever.
Against the wishes of his Queen, and the warnings of his friends, he courts this mysterious beauty that has captured his heart, to learn in the end that she is the answer to the age old Prophecy, of the foretold True King and Queen.

Excerpts # 2
"Hello, my precious one. Ready to call it a day yet?"
Removing her glasses, she placed them on her antique wooden desk and rubbed her hands over her face. "Is it five already?"
"It's five thirty, Melinda. You stood me up for our date. If I didn't know how dedicated you were to your patients, I would think you didn't like me anymore."
She looked up at him leaning up against the office doorway, his long, black hair gleaming in the sunlight shining through her office windows. His blue eyes glinted in amusement at his own joke.
She liked looking at him. She couldn't help thinking he’d been born in the wrong era. He reminded her of a forester or a lumberjack, all big and brawny, and he wanted to be with her.
"Tell me, Danan," she asked with the mischievous grin that made him grin back at her in response, "Why would you think that?"
He lay back on her sofa flashing his thousand watt smile she loved to see, playing along. "Well Doctor, my girl, she just left me waiting at the park. She was half an hour late."
"Maybe she got tied up?"
"So you think she's cheating on me?"
When he gave her the wide-eyed look he knew she couldn’t resist, Mel stuck her tongue out at him. "You sound awfully paranoid, Mr. McClintok, or is it possible you have a reason to believe this? Has she missed any other dates?"
"No, this was the first one."
Mel laughed. The last five months had been heavenly. She'd never been happier than she was right now and that was all due to Danan. He made her feel just as precious as he claimed she was. "Have you caught her looking at or flirting with other men?"
The wicked glint in his eyes melted her heart. "Has she said or done anything to make you believe that...” He reached for her, and attempted to pull her into his lap. “Mr. McClintock, really, control yourself." She giggled. "My boyfriend would be very angry. He's the jealous type, and what would your girl say?"
"Hopefully: kiss me you fool."
Melinda laughed at his antics. She was falling in love with this man. "You’re crazy, you loveable oaf."
"Not what I wanted to hear, but close enough. Now kiss me, Doctor. It's the recommended prescription for my mental distress."
Looking over him with feigned suspicion, Melinda sighed. "Well, since I did cause the symptoms, I suppose I should fix the problem." She allowed him to pull her out of her chair and onto his lap, her laughter bubbling free.
She brushed her fingers gently along his cheek, a small smile appearing when he sighed and leaned into her touch. "Are you terribly disappointed that I was late?"
"I'll let you know after you make it up to me, precious."
Mel took his face between her hands and leaned down to kiss him, a satisfied smile curving her lips at his needy growl. She let him pull her closer, deepening the kiss, wondering how much longer she'd be able to resist his charms. The fact that he didn't pressure her, that he was willing to wait until she was ready, touched her like no words ever could. She wanted him.

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