Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday, and that much closer to home LOL

So it's finally sunday and that means one more weekend and I have 2 weeks off wooohoooo. I soo need to get my butt in gear and write with no distractions LOL

So you just watch, everyone whose been avoiding me lately will come out of the woodwork my first week home LOL I already know one of my best friends is coming home to visit her mother, so that means a week of procrastination if I'm not careful.

How does one avoid friends they actually miss? Hmmmmm telling myself I'll only go out for an hour will never work LOL I could go and observe hehehe that could be considered writing releated couldn't it?

**sigh** guess I'll just have to make the utimate sacrifice and go dancing LOL. The things I do for my friends *grin**

Happy Sunday, don't work too hard.


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