Sunday, July 8, 2007

70 Days of Sweat

Ok I let myself get talked into doing the 70 days of sweat challenge. I know , I know I'm insane,but here goes. The link to 70 Days of Sweat is here:

The wips I'm gonna work on are:

Chronicles of the Cursed: Touch of the Wolf
(35-40K)in length
Hero: Xavier
Heroine: Nette

Blurb: New to this world of darkness, Xavier is paired with a human experienced in the ways of Wolf house to attend him. When they’d introduced him to the woman, he’d thought Lady Bella insane. Annette Valdetti was difficult, head strong and completely immune to his charms. Will he wait too long to realize how truly special she is?

Annette didn’t want to be the newest wolf’s Attendant; she had enough on her plate helping Lady Bella with her Keeper duties. Unfortunately she never could say no to the Lady of the house. The cub was arrogant, conceited and she’d fallen completely in love with him. Can she teach the cub how to survive in this new world he’s found himself in and protect her heart before it’s too late?

(25-35K)in length
Hero: The Archangel Gabriel
Heroine: Garnet

Gabriel is called to earth as a part of Garnet's final test to pass her journeymen's status. And can't seem to resit her charm the 2nd time around.

Bare Bones
(20K) in length
Hero: Christian
Heroine: Joanna

Christian had known Joanna for years and always had a secret crush on her. But she'd always been another's girl. Then one day he goes missing and everyone presume's he'd dead. But he didn't sie, he just changed...and the desire to have his mate by his side is too strong to fight.

Happy Sweating


Michelle Hasker said...

Good Luck!
I know you can do it!

Lesley said...

Sven scares me!!! Good luck with your sweating!