Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wrongful Punishment


The hardest thing Dwin ever had to do, was turn his beloved into a Genie, but rules were rules and he never broke Djinn law. No matter how much it broke his heart.

Jenelle knew betrayal intimately, and vowed to never forgive Dwin for his short sighted views. Too bad for her Dwin has other ideas.

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Wrongful Punishment


“Damnit woman! You can’t do things like that.”

Jenelle’s refusal to look at him, annoyed him and tread on his patience. The woman had been nothing but trouble since her punishment three years earlier. Watching how she reverently run her fingers over the marbled bust of the oldest and most powerful of Djinns angered him and set his body on fire with jealousy. The great Djinn didn’t deserve her reverence…he did!

“Says who? You turned me into a genie Dwin, not some leach’s personal sex toy. I grant wishes, not sexual favors and especially not against an innocent woman’s explicit wishes, that would be rape and I’ll have nothing to do with that. He got what he deserved and I’d do it again!” she replied heatedly, anger and disgust barely contained in her voice. Her power fluctuating, despite the fact that she was collared against practicing all magic’s until her Master ordered it.

Dwin wiped his hands over his face and took a deep breath. He needed her to understand, or he’d lose her forever. “Most Genies enjoy pleasing their masters. They thrive on it.” If he couldn’t get her to understand, they’d take her away.

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