Thursday, November 13, 2008


Day at the mine site I think I'm insane and sooo need bed now. LOL

November 1st = 3,532
November 2nd = 3,108
November 3rd = 3,397
November 4th = 1,530
November 5th = 3,701
November 6th = 0
November 7th = 4,299
November 8th = 538
Novemebr 9th = 1,925
November 10th = 3,097
November 11th = 5,252
November 12th = 1,548
November 13th = 1,725
Total 33,652

Oh yeah my book was spotlighted on Blog Talk Radio tonight. You should tune in and check it out.
Leave me a comment if you do, cause I'll have to miss it since I'll be back at work by then LOL



Dawn Montgomery said...

Wooohoo! Great job. You are tearing it up!!!!! And congrats on the spotlight!

Aline de Chevigny said...

LOL thanks Dawn, can y ou believe I can access the blog this morning? Someone must feel sorry for me hehhe