Saturday, October 18, 2008

Missing in Action....Again

I know, I know I pulled another dissapearing act, but htis one wassn't voluntary.

I got home from work, and nearly broke my ankle...yes I said Nearly cause I had to get 2 sets of X-Rays to determine why I couldn't put any weight on the damn foot LOL.

Anyway for those of you ho don't know, I AM A KLUTZ. I triped over a pipe sticking up out of the ground that I knew was there. I've know of the pipe's existence for nearly 2 years LOL and still I tripped over it.

So it was bed rest and foot elevated which meant no computer I'm afraid. The drugs made me too loopy to sit up for long anyway, and then it was all rush rush vote (Yayyyy my candidate won wooohooo), rush rush shop (Needed to replenish the work supplies) and rush rush edit. (My editor was not happy with me LOL)

Back at work now, but you can entertain me by telling me of your own klutzy situations. **grin**


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